Engineer’s rendering of

The Hive Butler™



Beekeepers are always working to bring in that golden treasure– honey.  Considering all the time and money and sweat we put into it shouldn’t we use something a better than dirty, heavy, wooden supers, old coolers or cheap plastic totes?!   When you hear the clunk of frames falling together inside a cooler, you know the draining of your profits has begun…







2 Queen Bees Honey

Karen and I started working bees together five years ago.  We were excited to do something that helped our families; helped the environment; and provided an important product to the local marketplace.  We were unprepared for the wonder and awe we would feel every time we got into our bees.  We went from 2 hives to 19, then to 30.  We started a local club.  We joined our state beekeeping organization and volunteered on their boards.  We met the most wonderful people at every bee conference we attended.  Even now, every time we open those hives, we are amazed, and excited, and interested in learning more.