Frequently asked questions

How can the Hive Butler™ help me?

Honey harvest time?

We started, like they tell you, just carrying in a whole super full of frames and set it on the kitchen counter.  But, since we weren’t immediately ready to extract, it sat there for a bit.  Like a week.  Supers leak wherever they are.  We wanted something better. 

So, we switched to coolers.  Some held the frames straight.  Some didn’t and only three would fit.  Sometimes the frames fell over and gouged each other, and the honey would leak out.  Move the cooler in the beeyard, hear the “clunk” of the frames falling, and realize that your precious honey is leaking into an old cooler.

Then we went tried cheap tote boxes.  Same story.  Falling, leaking, gouging, with the added bonus of corners busting out from the weight of heavy honey frames.  Our precious, valuable honey was being wasted in these cheap, inadequate totes!  We kept saying, “Someone needs to invent a storage box just for beekeepers.”

So, we’ve done just that.   The Hive Butler™ is food-grade HDPE, designed to hold those frames whether newly-constructed or full of liquid gold.  It will allow you to move those heavy, capped honey frames from the yard to the extractor without damage.  Or hold them until extraction day.

On extraction day, use the Hive Butler™ as your uncapping tub!  Once you have finished, put the solid lid on the Hive Butler™, and set it out in the hot sun to melt the wax, which will separate it from the remaining honey!  Don’t worry–the Hive Butler™ is food-grade HDPE.  Your honey is safe for consumption.

After extraction, set the wet frames out in the yard, using the Hive Butler™ to keep them secure, so the bees can clean out your frames.  You may set the entire box into the freezer to kill off larvae, and then store your drawn comb in the Hive Butler™ for the off-season.



Frame storage, construction, transport, protection

We knew the Hive Butler™ needed to work more than just on the few days of honey harvest.  We all have to store drawn-comb frames, either to return to the yard or in off-season.  Wax is the most valuable thing in the yard or storeroom.  It takes so much for the bees to create it.  We want to keep ours from damage, and the Hive Butler does that as well!  Keeps the frames from leaning up against one another or falling down.  When you’re carrying the tote out to the yard, no damage. 

Bee transportation, queen protection

We knew the Hive Butler™  also needed to work all year ’round.  What about when you want to move a frame or two of bees?  We never have enough wooden hive boxes.  So, when we needed to move brood frames, we had to scrounge for an extra hive box–And even then, the box HAS NO BOTTOM, and it’s heavy.  So then we have to find an extra bottom board or outer cover, and some ratchet straps, and a cover of some sort! Ack!

So we designed the Hive Butler™ to have two lid options…the solid storage lid, or you can make it into a screen-top lid, to use the Hive Butler™ as a bee moving box!  No dropping the queen out the bottom on the way to the truck!  It is the short-term, in-a-pinch, bee travel solution also!

Lost treasure…ugh!



No more waste and loss! No more sticking together!




Is this how you store delicate drawn-comb? No more! Get the Hive Butler!



How much? and when?

The pre-production price of the Hive Butler™ with lid is $40.00 plus state sales tax.  Our MSRP will be set at the end of June when the Hive Butlers™ are coming off the press!  At that time our on-line storefront will also become open for business.  You will be able to purchase additional lids separately, as well as the screen/spline kit for the screen-top use, or a combo package of Hive Butler™, 2 lids and screen kit altogether. 


Until then, please contact us at 317-896-0456 to order using the old-school method!  It won’t be long until we are arriving at your state conference with a stack of Hive Butlers™, to do the dirty work for you!