Here we are again–in the middle of honey season for most of us, and while we are disappointed that you do not have your Hive Butlers yet, we can say that we are only days away from having our first production-quality case, entirely designed and made in the USA! 

As with any plastic product, the first time out of the gate is almost-never perfect.   During part of our testing phase, we found a few minor design ‘tweaks’ that needed to be made before our first production run.  Of course, the Hive Butler mold (we like to call “Jeeves”), is 7000 pounds of glorious aluminum with 35 component pieces and four custom-designed South Korean plastic “hot drops.”  So, even a small tweak to Jeeves is time-consuming and a good bit of work.  That said, these small tweaks will be the difference between having a “good” product and a “GREAT” one.

We know that beekeepers are passionate about beekeeping.  We are too!  So we bit the bullet and decided not to send out a good product, when we could take a bit longer to make it a great product.  We are sure you’ll agree.

Karen and I have already committed to attending the North Carolina Beekeepers 100th anniversary conference in Winston-Salem next week, while my two older daughters will be representing the Hive Butler at HAS during the same time.  I know many of you were planning to pick up your Hive Butlers at those conferences, and it is very painful to say they are not yet ready–BUT THEY WILL BE SOON!  

We are committed to delivering the highest quality, honey/frame storage and transport case and do not want to cut any corners.  We hope you understand and bear with us as we strive to deliver you a GREAT product that matches your passion for bee keeping.   The Hive Butler will be working for you, even when you’re not.

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Lid sampling at Progressive Plastics.


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